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The Influence of Social Commerce Factors on Customer Intention to Purchase


The rapid development in social commerce creates a new opportunity for businesses. With the use of social technologies they are able to create an environment that is on a socially interactive platform. These social bonds can drive online social support in e-commerce, the result is shown by trusts created and increased intention to use social commerce. This article will examine the factors that triggered consumers’ intention to purchase using social commerce. A total of 184 respondents were chosen for this study to investigate factors that might contribute to customers’ purchasing intention. The findings provide a better understanding on factors that contribute to intention to purchase, which comprise shopping enjoyment, perceived usefulness, trust, security, perceived quality, perceived value, ease of use and transaction convenience. It also suggests that online firms should consider these contextual factors in order to facilitate consumers' adoption behavior.


Ease of use, Security, Trust, Perceived value, Purchase intention.



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