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Using Synfig Studio as an Interactive Learning Media: A Study of Senior High School in Rural School


The ability to make learning media is expected to motivate teachers and students in more exciting learning. But in reality, there are still many teachers who experience obstacles, especially in making learning media. The purpose of this learning assistance activity aims to provide knowledge and skills using interactive learning media in the teaching and learning process in the classroom. It is to maximize learning media (specifically Synfig Studio) that is available in the learning process. Besides, it is to help the teachers be able to make learning media more enjoyable to achieve the learning objectives to be completed. Participants in the Community Service program were 15 teachers in one of the high schools in the rural area, Bangun Purba. The learning assistance using Synfig Studio was done with lecture, demonstration, and practice methods accompanied by questions and answers. The availability of adequate expert in assisting instructional media, the enthusiasm of participants, the support of school principals in the implementation of activities, and supporting funds from the university were the critical success of the application of this activity realization. The obstacles faced are the teachers do not have prior knowledge about computer operations and limited time for training. The participants can take part in the practice from beginning to end. Besides, all teachers can complete independent tasks well, which can make computer-based learning media.


Synfig Studio, Interactive learning, Learning media.



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