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Customer Satisfaction and Service Quality in the Marketing Practice: Study on Literature Review


Both public and private parts have given considerable keenness with respect to the perfect customer satisfaction in the current decades. Customer satisfaction has been a renowned point in advertising practice and educational research since Cardozo's (1965) a basic examination of customer effort, expectations and satisfaction. The service quality and customer satisfaction are associated with their definitions to their associations with alternate points of view in business. The service quality is an attracted assessment that mirrors the customer’s perception of reliability, assurance, responsiveness, empathy and tangibility; and significant quality while satisfaction is more careful and it is affected by point of view of service quality, item quality and cost, also situational fragments and individual components. This paper concentrated on the literature on the key elements of this study which was service quality, customer satisfaction and expectation. In particular, the accompanying principle focuses were demonstrated about service quality, customer expectation, customer satisfaction, theory of SERVQAL, and related studies on Customer satisfaction and service quality. This study used a descriptive design, by exploring some of the literature that discusses on customer satisfaction and service quality how to improve the both public and private business parts in marketing practice.


Customer satisfaction, Service quality, Customer expectation, SERVQAL.



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